Public Skate, Stick Practice

man helping women to rise up on skating rinkLooking for something fun to do with your family or friends?

Look no further; The Rinks At Exeter offers convenient ice times for people of all ages to enjoy Public (open ice) Skating, and Stick Practice (for all age groups and any skill level.

Check the web site for the latest schedule, text your friends, and meet at The Rinks At Exeter from fun on the ice!  Click on the link below for the schedules and additional information.


Public Skating – <<Click Here To Get Schedule Info>> – Public Skating is open ice skating, great exercise and great fun!  Meet your friends!  Bring your family!

Stick Practice – <<Click Here To Get Schedule Info>> – Stick Practice is pick-up hockey, where participants split up into even teams and engage in recreational hockey.  Click on the schedule link for more info about the different age groups and the schedule.  Sometimes it is also called Stick & Puck or Pond Hockey.  The ages are as follows.

  • Adult Stick – 16 and older
  • Junior, Senior High School Stick – 12 and older
  • Kids, Pucks, and Parents – Kids under 12 and their parents


Public Skate and Stick Practice Schedule (Events are 1hr:20min)