Freestyle Sessions
 Freestyle Sessions

Walk-on skaters pay $18 per session

Books of ½ hour tickets for $85 are available (10 tickets to a book) which can be only used alongside a contracted hour or a walk on hour of ice time. This will allow skaters to be able to practice for 1 ½ hour.

You are NOT allowed to use 2 tickets to make 1 hour.

You will earn Two Freestyle passes for every Freestyle session you contract. This will be a replacement for a session that you missed, or know you will be missing. This is in the form of a ticket punch card. Have this punched after you sign in and indicate “freestyle pass”. If you have a doctor’s note for an injury, you must first use your make-up slips before the credit is configured.


~~ Please pay 50% deposit, payable to “The Rinks at Exeter” prior to the start of the session. ~~

Balance must be paid by February 20th, 2016
The fees paid are non-refundable. The Rinks at Exeter in its sole discretion may issue a refund for any unused ice time in the event a participant has an injury, which prevents them from skating.
All schedules are subject to change dependent on enrollments.

After January 9th, 2016 skaters will pay the walk-on fee for ice and will not be eligible for the contracted price. Ice will be limited to 20 skaters. Walk-on skaters pay $18 per session (except for specific exclusions). Please be aware that the number of walk-on skaters may be limited. After the first 10 minutes of each session, stand-by walk-ons will be permitted to skate in the place of no-show contracted skaters. As a courtesy, it would be appreciated if contracted skaters who will not be skating their session call the rink to notify us of the space available. Any questions, call the rink at 775-7423 x10.


The Rinks At Exeter   •   40 Industrial Drive   •   Exeter, NH 03833   •   603-775-7423   603-775-7423